Welcome to Computek Solutions, LLC. Panama City, Florida

Welcome to Computek Solutions, LLC.! We would like to Thank You for taking the time to visit our web site. Our prime objective is to provide all of our corporate and personal clients with a more efficient way to support their administrative needs and IT structures. Through our comprehensive ability to thoroughly understand their business needs, along with meeting or exceeding specification. We can apply the required knowledge to their practices for the most efficient resolution and cost cutting edge in the technology market place. Our Professional IT & Administrative Support Services focus on using Strong 24/7 Technical support, for reliable and efficient computer and data management. We have extensive experience in system design and build to meet or exceed specification, project management, High and low voltage electrical and electronics, Hardware and Software custom implementations and productivity measurement in a dynamic and competitive work environment provides our clients with that extra edge for success. We often build custom specification servers and workstations. These machines have been the lead in our clients productivity for many years... References avaliable upon Request! We are knowledgeable in many proprietary, POS, CNC and Robotic Systems. Offering prompt reliable services you can count on! Our IT and networking services are outstanding (we are told). We also offer: on site tutoring one on one. This offers that personal touch, you would expect from the best. We do not leave the site when tutoring or over viewing a project, without documenting easy to follow notes and steps for future referencing. We offer Free Consultations and Estimates!